Saturday, April 17, 2010


Long time ago we had some unknown pleasures on our blog. How long was it? Five or six days ago? Lost the count but here is something very good, something very brutal...
Their name is Anthythesys.
Click that on Google and the first thing you read is that you probably misspelled the name but it's not...Antythesys are Antythesys.
Fans from Alfa Matrix (that's a Belgian electro/EBM-label run by the likes of Side-Line) will probably recognize the band's name...and if they don't...well, Antythesys are the creators of harsh brutal EBM with distorted vocals but poppy melodies.
You want references?
Bloody difficult...I mean I can but if you're familiar with what's been written above you can imagine how it sounds like, not?
If you don't then I guess names like Velvet Acid Christ, Wumpscut or Suicide Commando will be as obscure as Antythesys itself.
But try it out anyway, maybe you'll hate but who knows you'll love it...besides therefore it's My Space, a click on the "X" and it ends, just like that...
These lads from London (great there is an EBM-scene over there as well) will soon have their debut "Black Point" out.
Yours sincerely has heard it and it, it doesn't rocks, it beeps...aaaaghhh leave me alone and get to My Space now!!!!!

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