Saturday, April 10, 2010


An album by White Rose Transmission is always a bit of a difficult matter as this is the band that featured my all time hero, Adrian Borland, so in all fairness it’s pretty hard being objective.
We all know the sad story as Adrian Borland committed suicide during the recordings of the second album by them.
Carlo Van Putten, his co-partner, decided to keep the band going and he gathered the collaboration from the likes of Marty-Wilson Piper (The Church) or Mark Burgess.
Since recently you can add Frank Weyzig (ex Clan Of Xymox, now Born For Bliss) by them.
If you are reviewing this album you better not expect that this will be the ultimate waverockalbum cos it ain’t not because it isn’t a good one but this music is more related to the Nu Americana-style from bands like Giant Sant or Grant Lee Buffalo, even if you can also come up with Aussie bands like Go Betweens or The Triffids.
Anyway, everyone hears that Carlo has some gothrecords in his collection.
This album can be best considered as sort of desolate soundtrack from the lonely man who is walking in the desert in search of his unfound love.
Very beautiful and very moody but it has not so much to do with the bands these people are coming from.
Anyway, the most awaited track of 2010 is to be find on this album as here you can find the last track Adrian recorded before that tragic decision, “Foreign Land”, the name of the track is.
Just like on “The Amsterdam Tapes” they used Adrian’s voice and added new instrumentation.
For that track alone, this album is worth listening!


  1. We might put "foreign land"as a free download, so you can save the 5,00 to buy they entire album. Yes I listen to Bauhaus all day and wear black clothes. Sad that Adrian never had the attention when he was still with us. Glad he has the attention now, as Adrian and I discussed once, when you're alive they don't care what you say, but everybody loves you when you're dead. Don't worry, I stay alive, at least I try to ;-)
    Thanks for the review and the attention.

    Greetzzz Carlo

  2. Hi Didier... yes, Like Carlo sais we might stay alive and wear black cloths and sing to Bauhaus ;-) But remember this;

    quote " Very beautiful and very moody but it has not so much to do with the bands these people are coming from" unquote.

    we make music with our heart and not because of any obligations to our musical background...

    the version of "Foreign Land" that I did on the album was just made with love and respect, to honor Adrian Borland, as me being one of his biggest fans....

    I respect the review you wrote. i just wanted to clearify this....


  3. Brilliant album... As most of the material coming from Carlo... One of the highlights of the year.