Monday, April 26, 2010


The most bizarre record we are reviewing this week definitely comes from Manchester.
The band we're talking about are Red Paint Red, a duo consisting of Neve and Carroll.
They're not that new in the scene as in an other life they used to make music under the name of Mantra.
For those who remember Mantra, they used to make atmospheric music with ethereal vocals.
You might sum up the people you know who are aware of Mantra on one hand and I somewhere fear that this will be the case too with Red Paint Red.
A shame, even a total shame.
For a reviewer it is a nightmare to describe the band simply as they have so many influences, but as it are good influences it's the only thing that matters.
In fact, are it influences?
I guess not but as only saying that Red Paint Red won't be satisfying enough we give it a try : well it's a bit like This Mortal Coil (the atmosphere), a bit Siouxsie Sioux (the voice), a bit Kate Bush (for the 70's touch), a bit Rosa Crux (for it's goth-sound) and even a bit Portishead as they like to add now and then some trip hop into their sound.
You think I'm crazy?
I might be but thing is that Red Paint Red really do have a very diverse sound and somewhere they're like that girl from that Lewis Carroll-fairy tale in the sense that for them music means discovering things.
So far the duo has released three EP's and they're now available in a beautiful hand painted box from which the artwork reminded us of Current 93.
A tip!

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