Tuesday, April 20, 2010


True is true, ask someone on the street if he can come up with some German rock and the answer will be something like "Rammstein" (okay I agree, if you ask a pensioner he will tell you something like The Scorpions but that's another thing).
Just wanna tell you that it's damn difficult to make solid rock in German with a wave and gothtouch without being reminded to Rammstein and the band might tell you that they're playing post-punk (these days everyone plays post rock ) and that they're sounding like Killing Joke but that's not exactly the case.
Are Mundtot bad then?
Absolutely not, it's just that perhaps their German gothrock would be something that is for Germany only...which is a bit of a shame as I always liked stuff like Joachim Witt, and at times Mundtot are like that, but imagine who knows him over here...
Anyway, if you are into melodic gothrock with nice atmospheric sounds you might like Mundtot and a track like "Endzeit" can even be a hit at gothclubs.
Mundtot, remember where you read it first!

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