Thursday, April 22, 2010


People who like a bit of experimental dancemusic do know Thrill Jockey for years and it's true, it's one of the most varied labels I can think of and it looks like they think about every release in a careful way...but there is a word for that : passion.
One of their latest releases is by Brooklyn duo High Places.
High Places are Mary Pearson and Rob Barber and since some years they make a very interesting style of dance music in where they use thousand of different instruments.
They were on stages with the likes of Deerhunter and they had a splitsingle out with Xiu Xiu but this album "High PLaces vs Mankind" is their new present so to speak.
You can say a lot about the music from High Places and not in the least because of Mary's ethereal vocals which are shaped for dreampoplike chords but musically it's interesting too...of course why else would we write about it?
Even if it's at times experimental (the poppy touch is never away anyway) it sounds like if the band took their inspirations from 80's synthpop-new waveacts like Malaria and the greatest achievment is that they do it without sounding retro.
Yes 2010 is brilliant and High Places are a part from it!

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