Saturday, April 17, 2010


One day I think I definitely must decide moving to Brussels as yesterday I was once again in the capital of Belgium as today it was a showcase for two bands on Domino Records for whom the future seems bright.
First band were Villagers, a new signing from Ireland whose album must soon be out.
For this opportunity the band was minimalized to an acoustic set by frontman
Conor J.O'Brien who looks like some twinbrother of Ian Curtis but musically it's like he's floating bewteen Aztec Camera-frontman Roddy Frame and Richard Hawley.
It sure wasn't bad and you definitely could hear that Conor has an amazing voice but in all honesty I'm a bit fed up hearing acoustic sets...just honest.
Anyway, I heard that Villagers soon will matter and I was hear in the first place to see Wild Beasts.
In case you're unfamiliar with these band, you might think of something like Iggy & The Stooges but that's not the case as due to the low voice from frontman Hayden Thorpe the band has been more than once compared to the likes of Anthony & The Johnstons, and for some reasons I never could understand also The Smiths.
Anyway, these lads from Kendal were here to present their current album "Two dancers" and the venue was completely filled so it seems that they surely are on the right way towards recognition and success.
Besides, I learnt from several sources that Wild Beasts are in the UK already something like a household name even if the gig over here didn't seem that easy for them.
Previous time they were over here, it seemed they blew it and according to Hayden it was something like the worst gig they ever played ever and even if opener "Fun powder plot" wasn't that convincing, it soon changed when they started "This is our lot".
Suddenly it wasn't that voice from Hayden alone but Ben Little showed us here he's one of the finest guitarists you can find these days and if they come up with The Smiths then it must be because of him (hence Johnny Marr).
Wild Beasts picks up a bit from everything, from shoegazing (when they played the last song "Empty Nest" it felt like Slowdive were never away), funky post-punk ("Brave Bulging" sounded so much like early A Certain Ratio) or just brilliant indiepop in where bassist Tom Fleming showed us he is as good as Hayden, even if he has a deep voice.
Wild Beasts are a band with tons of individual talent and even if every song reminds you of something else in popmusic, they definitely choose the right influences.
So endconclusion : thank you Wild Beasts!

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