Monday, March 15, 2010


When I woke up this morning (nah, won't be singing any bluessong) I first took my cup of coffee and started reading my mails, simply as you have to do something.
A smile on my face appeared when I noticed that among them there was a mail from Everett True, and it looked like the legend has seen these pages too. What more can I expect from life? I mean being noticed by your hero might be a childish dream but it is a dream nontheless.
I can already hear some of you he coming up again with that Everett True?
Well, actually yes for different reasons. Last weekend Carol Clerk died. Carol used to be a journalist from Melody Maker. RIP Carol.
Thing is that I really digged those weeklies. NME and Melody Maker were both bought every wedsnesday at the local papershop and you know what, we did something that now would be impossible. We looked who wrote the article...and we decided what to read first based by the fact by who it was written, even if the band left us cold.
Every journalist had their own style, not always loved.
You could be sure that if Everett True reviewed the letters from the readers there would be more than a backlash, Neil Kulkarni dared to slash down the Britpopscene in its high days, Simon Price created the Romo-scene, David Stubbs declared his love for the post-punksounds....
And now it's up to you know one journalist from today?
Give me a name please and unless you come up with Joe around the corner I guess there's no one left.
Blame it on the net as they always know everybody is a journalist blah blah blah. Thing is : when everybody is a journalist why aren't there any more around who dare to put up their voice?
Musicjournalism has become the most boring thing ever. They get a record and they start detailling every f*** track, which guitar is used, in which studio it's been recorded...all useless information that can be found on the recordsheet, that's why it's invented for...
And if you really are trying to convince me that you're interested in who's the dude who plays the trumpet on the seventh track by the new Gorillaz then I pity your life....
It's the lack of passion, or even more the passion that has gone. I like controversionalism, I like healthy snobism and I like even journalists who are in love with themselves.
In some way I think I'm a pupil from Everett True. Bloody arrogant to say, I know, but without him I never would have started writing fanzines.
And that's what I am a fanzinewriter, not a journalist...if I were one you wouldn't find me every day at a factory but you probably see me having a tequila with Courtney Love.
I see you look above on the title "today"... Was this your day, you think? Having some thoughts about journalists from the past? Something like that, apart from the fact that I also heard some great music by the likes of Gallon Drunk (declared them the most underrated band ever some minutes ago on Facebook, on Facebook you can declare everything), Holly Miranda (what do I love them!!!) and Musee Mecanique, and now I click off the pc as I must be attending a gig by US poppynoisemakers Lake (recommended yesterday by Musee Mecanique!).

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