Friday, March 19, 2010


Once there was a time we got the hypes from Melody Maker, and now we have the hypes from the net. You read it before, so you'll read it here too, the hype of 2010 surely will be Dum Dum Girls.
Not one official release, but everybody who's in the alternative underground knows their name. It not only suggest the power of the net, but also the power of Dum Dum Girls.
Dum Dum Girls are 4 ladies from Los Angeles who named themselves after "Dum Dum", the album by The Vaselines (you know that fave band from a lad called Kurt Cobain).
They recently got signed to SubPop and their debutalbum "I will be" is one of the most awaited debutalbums ever.
But this is music for the future, now you have to deal with a tape. A tape? Yes, a tape... Dum Dum Girls are so underground that right before the great breakthrough they have released a tape called "Blissed Out" released on Art Fag Records. You can be sure that by the time you read it, it'll be sold out as it's limited to 400 copies, but there's something like the net...
"And how do they sound like?" asks the man in the corner who never heard them.
Well, it's all very lo-fi and distorted pop. Some say they're like Vivian Girls, but if Ronettes-songs should have been covered by Jesus & The Mary Chain, you can be sure it's something like Dum Dum Girls.
At the end of the year they'll be as big as The Raveonettes, no...much bigger!!!

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