Friday, March 19, 2010


It's been some days ago since I added a "today"-section to my blog but that's mainly due to the fact that it's been a extremely busy period.
This week alone I saw three gigs, and a fourth (Brendan Perry if you wanna know) is on its way. It's actually a strange thing as I never thought I would become again the gig-attender I used to be all those years ago.
Perhaps it makes me feel young again, but I think it gives me a life. Most of you know me because of Facebook and they certainly know that I can't live without music.
Of course you can't, you insane fool...but I tried it once, you know and I fell on my face ending up thinking life was becoming at its end.
I know that it's somewhere a sad fact that a man from 41 is dependent on music, but that's me...and restarting The Original Sin even makes me aware that I'm dependent on writing too.
I'm always on the look for new music...even if new music can be old music. Today I got to know some very old stuff thanks to Everett and it might be not the music that's been hyped but it's good nontheless.
You see that till now there's no stopping me and I'm thinking of ways how to include good unheard music in this blog...give me some time.
Today was largely overwhelmed by Soap & Skin, a band that left me speechless even if I can say it was in a good or a bad way. Musically great of course, but seeing that people can be so close to complete lunacy is rather frightening.
Scroll down to discover Monster Movie too, they're a band that features a Slowdive-member and expect something very good.

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  1. Didier,

    There's nothing "sad" about your situation. I'm older than you and in October my daughter will go to Cambridge to study Medicine. I will then be "free" for the first time in nearly 10 years (since my wife died).

    This year I've seen Little Feat, Doves, Todd Rundgren and Spoon.

    Next year ican do SO MUCH MORE !!!!!!!