Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Remember the times there was something like a single of the week? You do? Well, then you must be as old as me, but hey ho!, in those days we had bands like Comet Gain, Velocette or even Fluffy who were our indiechartstars.
Anyway all I wanna try to tell is that if this was a decade in where singles really had an impact I would make it single of the week nontheless.
Whatever, this is the single of the week anyway!
"Laser Shot" is the 2nd single by the newest indiepopsensation from Leeds and they're named The Kiara Elles.
In an other life they were called The Chiara L's. Had surely something to do with that extremely sexy frontwoman named Chiara who would be perfect to hang on your wall as posterstar.
Do they still make posters these days? Do Smash Hits still exist anyway?
Wrong question for the wrong man I guess but I do know that The Kiara Elles are sounding like some dark Kenickie, or call it dark electro punk if that sounds better to you and I guess the dark addition must find its roots in the fact that they're Leeds-based (the town where goth had its cradle in case you don't know).
The more you hear them, the more you hear echoes from post-punkheroes Delta 5, so that counts!
This single is available for download on I Tunes and is more than promising for their debutalbum "Slide Over" that will see its release on 3th May this year.

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