Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I remember very well the 90's when you had your US and UK-indie and then there was that little nymph called Bjork who was special just because she came from those northern countries. Sigur Ros changed a bit more the landscape, but today in 2010 it looks like all Scandanavian countries have a wide range of alternative superstars who are all doing their thing, from ABBA-pop to the weirdest noisecapesounds you can think of.
Under Byen who are from Denmark are balancing between the two. There's the ethereal poppy voice from diva Henriette Sennenvaldt that is floating on minimalistic and arty noises.
It's like they have thought about every sound a million times beforing adding it, and because of that, it certainly doesn't make "Alt Er Tabt" (which means "All is lost") an easy album.
There's surely the voice from Henriette which is the main attraction of the band, and I am almost blushing for saying it...but she sounds a bit like Bjork.
The album's quite varied, and from the moment you are considering to push the stop-button as it's a bit too mellow you're fronted by the beauty of the music.
It's certainly not the kind of music I would like to hear all day (I guess I'm too much rock 'n roll for that) but denying that this is a beautiful album would be a crime, and as I'm the most peaceful person I can think of...

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