Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Sometimes the life of a musiccritic can be quite hard. Imagine, you like some band and you wanna write about 'em and all you find on their website is that they're from Stockholm, Sweden.
Of course you can always consider not to write about 'em and make your own life a bit lighter but that wouldn't be fair. Not to you, not to me and not to Fontän.
Who they are, what they are, what they will be doing is all a mystery to me.
All I can say is that they're making a sort of weird dancemusic that sounds spacey, psychedelic (a bizarre mixture from Ozric Tentacles and Hawkwind). Most of their tracks are instrumentals and believe me, you'll be in another space.
Do you wanna know more? That's all I know, except their website so you can check out yourself who they really are....

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