Sunday, March 28, 2010


Shoegazers in Russia? Well, it might surprise you but today, just like in the US or Asia (we feature that later) there is now a real boom of shoegazing bands around.
I remember that some weeks ago we featured on these pages Was She a Vampire from Russia, now you can add The Victory Park to that list.
They just releasded their debut "False silence EP" and it's available as a free download.
The influences are without any doubt every shoegazing band you can think of and the production isn't always that perfect, but give these youngsters a listen if you're into this genre, you might like it!
Three songs are in English and an other is sang in native Russian which is pretty weird. Due to my family life I know quite some Russian music and it's the first time I hear a Jesus & Mary Chain sort of song done in Russian!

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