Sunday, March 14, 2010


You can wonder if there is any use of mentioning bands no one, and then I sadly enough mean almost no one, talks about.
It won't help and seeing it as a tribute is a good job but the big question that remains is who the hell is reading it, let alone the fact who's actually checking it out...but as long as we're alive we're hoping.
The Straftford 4 are such a band who nobody knows and I still have to meet the first person who's coming up to me saying he likes 'em.
And yet they could be actually, Chris Streng (the vocalist) could be very big. Simply because his former bandmates decided to start a little band called Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Chris decided to go his own way.
Along with 3 other persons from Seattle he started The Stratford 4.
Apart from some EP's the band made two albums (" The Revolt Against Tired Noises" and " Love & Distortion" in 2003.
The fact that you don't know who they are says enough about their popularity. Sometimes classified as powerpunk, sometimes classified as shoegazers and I liked what I found on the net "think Only Ones being performed by Spiritualized".
You can't make stars of them, but you can check them out.

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