Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Well, wellcome to a new dimension in this fanzine.
After the classic albums the world forgot-series, we add another section (cuz we love it!) named forgotten music in where we feature, well...bands nobody gives a shit about.
Why should you care about music that's been forgotten? I can't answer this question but there are people who enjoy tv-series like "Dallas" being re-released on DVD, so why not care about old music?
I know, I know...the times at where you enter a recordshop and search for the copy of your fave band is already history but I guess there's something like the internet...
The Users are a band from whom I heard nothing from till Bin Liner Records released a retrospective by them.
The Users are what you call a powerpunkband from the 70's who were literally formed in the basement of an independent record shop ("Remember Those Oldies") and over the length of 3 years (1976-1979) these Cambridge-punks released 2 singles (plus a taperelease).
Recently there was a box found by our friend John Peel in where he kept some rare 7"inches seperated from his record collection and there were 2 copies from "Sick of you" among them! (The Users also played at the John Peel Roadshow in Cambridge).
Little is known about these punks but they did everything in the name of punkrock (their indielabel was called Raw Records after the "Raw Power"-album by The Stooges).
There's no need to start searching these singles as there isn't any chance you'll find them but as said there is a brilliant retrospective out from this band on CD. If you dig Undertones, even some New York Dolls or The Ramones (I know it's a cliché but that's how it works) you'll dig them too....

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