Monday, March 22, 2010


Already told you that blogs matter? They do, they and websites are the future of rock as without them we only had to face trash like Coldplay-copies and the world (or at least my world)doesn't need them.
Perhaps my world is in need of some good old C86 indiepop enriched with shoegazingguitars cos that's what Thrushes are all about.
In 2007 the debutalbum by Thrushes "Sun come undone" came out and tons of blogs were starting to hail these Americans. The band themselves stayed actually cool under all these superlatives and it took them more than 3 years to come up with a following up.
"Nightfalls" (released on Birdtone records) is the latest offer from Baltimore's finest shoegazers and their sound is like a delicious melting pot from the best things from both English and American indiebands.
At times it feels like you're listening to an American version from Shop Assistants, at other times it brings you back to the old days in which Juliana Hatfield was an indiebabe.
The band themselves claim to have Phil Spector as their patron saint, and for a moment it feels indeed like if Phil would have produced those Jesus & Mary Chain-guitars...

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