Sunday, March 14, 2010


And the fave gothrecord of today is...Lyriel!
Well, they might not be a household name so far but this German band recently released their album "Paranoid Circus" which has been released on Femme Metal Records. So here you already have two words "femme" and "metal" that describes the band...a bit.
You see, Lyriel aren't really metal nor really goth. Their style depends from song to song and like the title of the album suggest, at the very first seconds you're entering a circus.
Just like in any good circus, Lyriel tries to convince their audience with something else... Sometimes it's like Lacuna Coil, when the cello starts it's like you're listening to After Forever and the many soft interludes could even be fitted on any darkwave-album.
The band surely will have heard it more than once but despite Lyriel having an own sound, all cameras are pointed to singer Jessica Thierjung who swirls around the record like a diva without frontiers.
Great compositions with beautiful classic structures (many medieval sounds) makes Lyriel one of the hidden diamonds of the current gothscene. Check out immediately if you like darker sounds!

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