Sunday, March 7, 2010


Making a musicmag/zine/blog or whatever is funny but the dark side is of course the reporting of sad news. The most sad news is of course telling about the death of persons and 2010 seems to becoming a sad year cos exactly one week after the death from Section 25-singer Larry Cassidy, Sundaymorning arrived with the news that Mark Linkous committed suicide on 6th March 2010.
Mark grew up in a family where everybody seemed to be destinated to find the luck in coal mines but from the 80's on, Mark appeared in several indiebands to find in 1995 his definite destiny : Sparklehorse.
Sparklehorse were there are the right place and the right moment because the world was open for alternative American music and the schizophrenic lo-fi country-influenced indiepop from Sparklehorse found their fans.
Sparklehorse made five albums (from which "Vivadixiesubmarinetransmissionplot" and "Good morning spider" are among my favourites) and luckily for them, there was some honesty left in this world and "Someday I will treat you good" became a minor hit.
The life from Mark was never a straight line with the known fact that he was bounded to a wheelchair for 6 months after an overdose from alcohol during a tour with Radiohead who they supported.
Mark was also known as producer, his best work must certainly included the one he did with Daniel Johnston (the epic "Fear yourself", commented elsewhere on these pages) being a milestone in lo-fi rock.
RIP Mark.

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