Friday, March 12, 2010


It might be a wonder for some of you but today in 2010 there's still ambient being made, and what's more it's not only done by Brian Eno.
Eluvium aka Matthew Robert Cooper is the kind of artist who creates minimal synthmusic with a spooky voice.
Just like on every other ambientrecord there are the needed beeps, elektro-acoustic noisescapes, shoegazingguitars and songpatterns that remind you of those early delicious albums by one David Sylvian, or if anyone remembers Pieter Nooten.
I read somewhere that Matthew's vocals are quite similar with the one from Paul Banks (Interpol) and that's not such a stupid thought, but we're only talking about the vocals.
You can blame Eluvium for being not original, and in some way it isn't as this ambient soundscapething has been explored before by the likes of Eno and Bowie in the 70's but it's done with such a devotion that it is difficult not to fall in love with this brilliant CD.
A nice soundtrack for cold winterevenings as they say, but seeing outside that winter's gone I'm sure you'll find some fitting words for the summer too. Tip!

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