Sunday, March 28, 2010


If there is one genre I must hate then it must be "art rock" as rock can't be arty and art has nothing to do with rock. Art is beautiful but even the term arty makes me climbing up the wall.
I say this because Liars are mostly classified as art rock. Are they art rock?
Well, I guess that is just the description they got the day they left their disco punk sound as "Sisterworld" is considered as a conceptalbum.
All pretty normal if you know that behind the producer's table was a lad called Tom Billier. From the moment you know Tom was responsible for the musical scores from movies like "Punch drunk love" or "I heart huckabees" then you know enough.
According to Liars this album is a reaction against the new hippie-movement that is conquering the music landscapes.
You can hear a bit everything on this record : avant garde, hardcore, post punk or even (well a bit) new wave and with a description as such you're not that far away from a band like Melvins.
Is it a good album? Well, I stay honest...this is my blog and I'm not paid for doing this and I even bought this CD myself and there's only answer : I haven't the slightest idea what to think from it.
All I know is that it was in the CD-player the whole time and I let it play.
I know what you think : what a stupid review was's not, at least you know you can await something unexpected.

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  1. my favorite band of the past decade, by far... first record was great postpunk, second one a very surprising experimental beast, and drums not dead was brilliant from start to finish. the s/t album was a bit disappointing, but sisterworld is again great. i hear plenty of nick cave-influences in it as well. make sure to keep it in your cd-player a bit longer...