Monday, March 1, 2010


Welcome to the first hype of the year! There's nothing wrong with being a hype. A hype by who you ask?
By me, and the last days I let different people hear this four-piece band from San Francisco, the most replies were followed by a wow-effect.
Besides, a hype means at least that you're good, it can be that you have more changes than others have as you're just the one who's picked up, but that's how the game works.
Some authors are read all over the world, some are never but it doesn't mean that the read authors are bad and that's the same with music.
Why am I defending my statement that Veil Veil Vanish are so far the best thing I heard this year, even in a long time?
Is it a bad thing that you think that something is fantastic and that the band stands on the edge of a big breakthrough?
No, it's not! As music has to be heard! If you really think that music has to be made for you alone (I know you don't think so, dear reader...) then I pity the bands you hear... I am a big Warholfan and so I say : let's make it popular!!!!
So far the defense, if there ever needs to be one....
And then the music? It's so strange but every one who talks about them comes up with something different...echoes from The Cure, Clan Of Xymox, The Sound, The Chameleons and all done in a modern shoegazejacket.
Something like Editors or Interpol? No, therefore their songs are too good and their sound too close to their examples without them being copyists.
Every song on "Change in the neon light" is a gem.
"Detachment" could have been the unreleased track by The Sound you never heard, "Modern Lust" could have been the ultimate hit Modern English never wrote, "Pharmaceutical party platform" is like The Cure during their "Head on the door"-period.
"Change in the neon light" is a very varied album in where alternative poprock goes hand in hand with dark emotions, and if they'd be around in the 80's they were legends and I guess as they're a band from that they can be forthcoming heroes from a generation that has rediscovered the beauty of 80's dark new wave.
Splendid album that is already in my Top 3 of 2010, if it's not already N°1.

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