Monday, March 29, 2010


It certainly has been the week of the heroes for me.
Not only was there the interview with Mark Burgess from The Chameleons who wrote a 4 page interview within 24 hours whereas it takes 3 months for an unsigned band to complete one, so there you go.
But the biggest surprise in my fanzineyears (20 that is by now) came during the lunch at work.
As I'm a quite "social person" I spend my 30 minutes of break at work on Facebook and a bit unexpected I got a message from that other hero, Everett True.
He gently told me that he gave a shout on his blog about this tiny zine. I know I am a mopester but I almost got tears in my eyes when seeing his words on his blog. Everett wrote actually some great words about this zine and was full of praise about my passion.
Now you can accuse me of anything you want. You can say : "When will you stop telling all these things about that journalist?".
You see, as I have told in the Mark Burgess-interview, I must have tons of fave bands (probably 10.000) but only perhaps 10 heroes and Everett (and funnily enough Courtney Love too) is among these 10.
Why? Well even I never met him (well I did but he was drunk and I was nervous) I know that without him my life would have been totally different.
Without him I would never have started writing fanzines as I was amazed by his passion, by his dare to write the words that everybody thought but no one dared to write anyway, it was through him that I started "Komakino" (my first fanzine, after 2 issues I started "The Original Sin").
Having had the praise of that hero meant a lot to me.
If you don't know, Everett still writes, at the section of my fave blogs you'll find "Music that I like", click on it and read the words from one of the journos that really mattered simply because he had/has an opinion. Respect ET.

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  1. good for you :) that's great! E has inspired me a whole bunch too, not in a music writing way though as one might think ha ha