Monday, March 1, 2010

CLASSIC ALBUMS THE WORLD FORGOT Rachel Goswell - Waves are universal

In days in where it seems we are reviewing every shoegazing band that exists, I thought it was about time to draw attention to a forgotten gem.
The ultimate shoegazeband of course is Slowdive, to be honest I never saw My Bloody Valentine as shoegazers (splendid noisemakers of course but...). Apart from the guitars and the songs I guess it was Rachel who did the trick. The looks? I guess so but she had the kind of voice that made me melt even if her voice was smashed away by the guitars during the concerts.
It's a bit of a surprise that not many people are aware of Rachel's soloalbum "Waves are universal" that's been released in 2004 on 4-AD.
It's a not so known fact that since Slowdive became Mojave 3, it wasn't only Neil who made the soloway, but Rachel as well.
And what's more, with a little bit of imagination you can discover here some songs that could have been on the first two Slowdive-albums, even if the general mood from this album is a rather folky-pop one, but it keeps you in a dreaming mood, at least I dreamt several times.
As generally known it's a shame (not for the music only of course, but for Rachel as well) that one of her eardrums bursted during a Slowdive-concert which caused partial deafness and got her away from more recordings.

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  1. Indeed! I came across RG's album on youtube only recently, and then hearing that they reunited and started doing gigs again, was just so exciting to hear!! I hope to be able to see them sometime!