Wednesday, March 3, 2010


In times where the recordindustry does anything to stop people downloading albums, there are new bands around who see this new technology as their tool to get heard. That's in fact, how it should work and the Spanish band Code Name decided to put their whole album on the net for free.
Code Name are the band to hear for everyone who is into EBM with a harsh metallic sound. Just like with metalbands we can hear the typical duet bewtween the female beauty and the male beast.
Something which is indeed done by metalbands such as Tristania or Within Temptation. But as said before this is EBM so expect some harsh electronic beats in KMDFM-style and the result is like some Mediterranean version from Theatre Of Tragedy.
It'd be a lie to state that Code Name (their album is called "Nitro monsters") has the most original sound ever and I'm sure they don't even think that themselves but for everyone who is into EBM with a hard sound, it's definitely worth checking out and it doesn't cost a penny.

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