Sunday, March 7, 2010


Blame it on my magical ears or whatever but I mostly can hear from the very early beginning if a band will pleases me or not, with Lowood it was that terrible (but oh so true) cliché "love at first sight" that has to be used...from vocals to guitars to synths...everything I like!
Therese Johansson and Kicki Halmos form together Lowood and they just have recently released their album "Close to violence".
This Stockholm-duo know very well how they have to melt pop with lo-fi indie.
Poppy vocals go hand in hand with 80's synths and lo-figuitars and if there is ever a possibility that The Cardigans and Mazzy Star go hand in hand, then Lowood are the answer.
Their music breathes a desolate atmosphere but the vocals from these Swedish girls are always there helping you out.
It's like if they found a perfect balance, it's never too deep and it's never too flat. Do we have to mention again that thing about Sweden and its popmusic? If it helps Lowood getting famous (they should be!), why not, then?
Check out their music on their My Space-site

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