Friday, March 19, 2010


Katsen is a German word for "Cats" but this duo are as British as only the British can be.
This electronic pop duo (Donna Grimaldi and Chris Blackburn) are coming from Brighton and they create with their Casio-keyboards an updated electronic sound that found its roots in the 80's.
The 80's, you say? Sure, they even do a cover from "I'm in a love with a German filmstar" by The Passions and it sounds even better!
For those who might think that the debutalbum by this duo is another rip-off from the 80's or just another synthpopband who pretends to be the next Depeche Mode, then they're wrong.
At times it's poppy, at other times you'd swear they invited Alec Empire to their studios, at other times you get disturbed electronic pop that was typical for Add N To X and you could find many other ways to describe them but it's especially that refreshing sound which makes 'em great.
It's not the first band we hear a band as such (remember Mogul if you can) but perhaps it can be the first time that a band with such a sound reaches a bigger audience cos that would be nice and it would uplift the sales from the Casios too!!!

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