Sunday, March 28, 2010


Time for something incredibly loud now, something so noisy that your ears tremble, something so hard that you have no idea what your partner is shouting at you.
This monster comes from Manchester and that's something totally different then we're used to coming from there.
This 3-piece band are surely influenced by Steve Albini and his followers, so it's no wonder that you're having references like Jesus Lizard, Shellac (of course), Fugazi or something more recent like McClusky.
They surely make the kind of noise from which people will react : "'Do you call that bloody noise music?"
I do as it evokes my inner emotions and sitting here behind a pcdesk writing this review while hearing this epic of sound is rather hard.
First write, then smash the furniture...kind of... but recommended to anyone who is into the Albini-noisesector.

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