Sunday, March 7, 2010


Welcome to another hype in musicland and this time it comes from Manchester.
Lonelady is the project from Julie Campbell who closed herself in a musicroom somewhere in Manchester and came up with the debut "Nerve Up" that found its release on Warp Records.
Everything that's released on Warp gets the needed media-attention and for Lonelady this is not different as already terms like "so far the album of the year" are read a bit everywhere...
The music from Lonelady has two faces...
First there's the voice and if reviews tell you that she's sounding like Alanis Morrisette you know your hands have to be in the area of the warning button. It's true, she sounds like her and even worser, it reminded me too much of Sinead O'Connor ( know the typical nasal female voice).
And the music? Well, that's luckily enough a bit different. It's a tasteful melange of lo-fi, post-punk (many guitarriffs could have come from some early Gang Of Four-album) and minimal electronics that a smiling boy would categorise among Factory-sounds (Julie is a big fan from New Order's "Movement").
Shake the words and it gives the end result : Lonelady deserves its place in the list of albums that are worth hearing, at times a bit too flat and yes...that voice....

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