Sunday, March 28, 2010


Well, this album isn't brand new but as so far I still have to meet the first person who's telling me he has heard of Horse Shoes, I think it matters.
It's not a fact of matter, it's a fact of absolute need as this album is one of the most sweet things I heard in quite a long time.
Horse Shoes are two boys (actually they are Drew Diver and Jacob Graham) from Ohio who grew up by listening to records by The Smiths.
Who didn't you ask, well some who do became plumbers but these two joined hands and became Horse Shoes.
"The imperial school", released on Shelflife Records, reflects in a perfect way what Horse Shoes are all about as this is indiepop in the purest Sarah-tradition.
Most people are referring to Field Mice and that's true (of course!) but I think they're not far away from They Go Boom! (you know those Americans who released all that fantastic stuff on labels like Sunday Records).
In case it doesn't ring a bell yet, Horse Shoes are making melancholic dreampop with an electronic background-beat (think New Order). Perfect pop!

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