Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Well, The Kiara Elles surely made my day and so did again Veil Veil Vanish....who led me to the great wonderful Cure tribute-album "Perfect as cats".
Something else now. Some might have noticed that you can read stuff from me on the highly acclaimed website.
Of course I'm very pleased that thanks to Henk I got the chance to be part of their staff but it won't mean the end of The Original Sin. At the contrary. Of course, I keep both sites seperated but the great thing is that some bands will be featured on there as well which means automatically that a bigger audience will read it, and that's why we're doing it for.
If I'm totally honest with you I have no idea how I will ever leave this pc-screen with so many work in front of me, but it's better than watching Hugh Grant-movies....
Hugh Grant-movies?????

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