Monday, March 15, 2010


When Musee Mecanique were on European tour with Get Well Soon, they were so kind to give a visit to the tiny Video-venue in Gent.
If you take a look at the Wikipedia-page you'll see that someone is comparing them with Beirut? Right or totally wrong? Difficult to answer, as it's not a no or not a yes. Just like Beirut, Musee Mecanique see their songs as the result of many tools and experiments (not that is experimental music!).
Normally this Oregon-based band are a five-pieceband but for this tour they did it with three and that's why the stage looked like a playground full of instruments. Having a quick look around, you see it are the weirdest instruments you can think of : a saw, an accordion, the glockenspiel plus others yours sincerely don't have a name for.
Don't know if the band would strangle me for saying it but their sound is like a rich lo-fiversion from what Mercury Rev did during "Deserter's songs".
The band leads you through wonderful fairy talish-sounds and even on stage, they take care of every little note.
At times you tend to think that their sound becomes ordinary, they come up with an unexpected sound which makes you dizzy again.
Outside the venue Brian and Micah told me that this gig was kind of relaxing for them as even if not many people turned up, it seemed like each of them were staring at them with open mouth realizing how good this small band actually were.
Most of the set came from the "Hold this ghost"-album, one of those great undiscovered diamonds that can stand next to Bon Iver, Grandaddy or even Tim Buckley.
Without any doubt one of the highlights of the year...well so far...but I won't forget it that easily anyway...
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