Tuesday, March 16, 2010


In my opinion, both K Records and Kill Rock Stars are the most important DIY-labels with a wider range even if their highdays are a bit over.
Anyway, when a band signed on K Records comes to my hometown then there can't be any reason not being there, and so it happened I landed once again in the Video-venue to see Lake. (the reason why I didn't see Karlblau who produced their first album was because I was sick as a dog).
Lake are from Olympia and they are the kind of band who are open for any improvisations as long as the music is poppy. Don't expect from them long soundscapes as everything's packed in three minute popsongs.
The venue was quite packed but despite my huge respect for this venue who seems to be the leader in organising gigs from small indiebands here in Gent, they should do something about the public who keep on talking during the gigs. Big question of course is if the venue owner is responsible for the idiot behaviour of its visitors.
During the fight to obtain the attention of the audience, Lake played a nice set that featured gentle indiepopstuff, even if there were times that they came in dangerous areas which are known as AOR.
At the end I told Wim Lecluyse, founder of Morc Records, that to me they were like some funky lo-fiversion from Fleetwood Mac and I didn't get any beer throw at me so I guess I might be right...a bit.
There were even times that my ears heard some Durutti Column-ish guitars so that can never be a bad thing.
Lake do nothing new, you heard it more than once before, but they didn't bore me either which can't be said from these talking tongues around me. Shut up next time or go to another place.


  1. off course i didn't throw beer... i told you i had to think of 'dreams' quite a few times during their set, no? -

  2. I never expected you to throw beer at me but I thought it sounded cool to say, sounds like some real rock 'n roll.....