Sunday, March 28, 2010


For some is Grouper already a household name but for the majority of the world Grouper means nothing.
The Pitchfork-site (not that I read this publication, mind you) have listed Grouper's album "Dragging a dead deer up a hill" in their 2008-list and that's not that surprising.
Grouper is the project from Liz Harris and so far she made three albums.
The atmosphere from her music is a rather creepy one and you'll discover some ethereal references like Cocteau Twins but also dark icons like Virginia Astley or Stina Nordenstamm.
If Grouper was around by the time David Lynch decided to make "Twin Peaks" you can be sure she was asked for it.
It won't make you the happiest of all men but it's brilliant nontheless.


  1. hey there Didier, I would really love to send you some music as your blog is so great and beautifully written. Maybe you don't operate in this way, and sorry to leave a comment that isn't so relevant but if you do want to recieve something in the post please do let me know!
    Many thanks
    Lianne Hall x

  2. contact me Lianne at and we'll talk about it....
    Love to feature yer music :)