Tuesday, March 9, 2010


When I was watching She Keeps Bees I was talking with a friend about how great Delphic were and how extremely 80's they were sounding. As I only have intelligent friends he said some wise words : "You know this is only the beginning, soon everything will sound like the eighties".
Well, if there ever will be a time in where we see another Kajagoogoo is better left as un unanswered question but this new trio from London are sounding, indeed, again very 80's.
"Unicorn" is their debut and it's been produced by Dave Kosten (Bat for Lashes)and even if the album is a rather short one (ten three minute songs, you get some delicious female electro-indiepoprock that balances between the likes of Yeah Yeahs Yeahs (that voice!), Stereolab and 80's synthpop like early OMD or Heaven 17.
According to singer Tigs the current musicscene has a lack of soul and even their own band has moved on, that's why you won't find their previous singles being included on this debut which is after all a pretty courageous thing in times where almost nobody buys albums.
Being hailed by Steve Lamacq, Chew Lips are searching their way to stardom and that's something they can succeed in as they make the kind of synthpop that carves a bit deeper than your usual synthpop, as all songs are asking for a second, third...listen and this makes "Unicorn" one of those many records of 2010 that matters.

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