Sunday, March 14, 2010


With a band's name like that, you should think we start reviewing stuff like Mantovani or James Last but as I hate all that muzakstuff, the answer is a big no.
There's even no orchestra involved because Allan is, if you don't count some basslines by his wife, doing everything himself.
DIY-pop was such music once called.
Recorded with the cheapest instruments you can imagine, Allan made in the early 90's one of the finest indiepopalbums.
Indiepop, indiekids...or is it like Jyoti from White Town stated on these pages that there should not be terms like that? Heavenly pop then?
Whatever, you know what you're getting if you like DIY-indiepop. Jingle-jangleguitars, strong melodies, danceable stuff to shake your hips at, not a cat who's interested in the music...
Allan only made one album. Where do you find that? Well, the Bus Stop-label reiussed the label and these days you can see Alan playing in The Orange Peels.
Anyway, if you like strong indiepop in the league of The Feelies or even Jonathan Richman, you should check it out then...

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