Friday, March 19, 2010


Fanfarlo will be huge, in fact the band are already on their way to the path called stardom. Already they've been featured on talkshows with David Letterman, and they make the kind of indiemusic that everybody likes, even the business manager who buys himself 1 record per month.
If you would know nothing about the band, you tend to think that Fanfarlo is the next manufactured band released by some major that sounds like the next Beirut or Snow Patrol, but that would be unfair to say though.
Their debut "Reservoir" is even self-released and the band worked for more than three years to the point where they're now, they gave their album almost away for free just to get heard.
"Reservoir" is a good album but it's all a bit too neat produced, a bit adventureless. It's all beautifully done and the songs are like honey for the ears but I'm just not that much in bands like Noah & The Whale or the recently overhyped Mumford & Sons.
Is it indiefolk then? A bit, but as so many others told you : Arcade Fire.
Fair is fair, "Reservoir" is a good album that deserves its regular play but I do already fear all those boring lists at the end of the year that only will feature the bands that everyone hypes and they will be hyped too, believe me....

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