Thursday, March 18, 2010


Nobody likes waking up, but this morning when I had my hot coffee in my hands I had difficulties to believe what's been on Facebook, Alex Chilton died at the age of 59.
Alex can without any doubts be named as the godfather of the american powerpopscene.
Alex always used to be some minor hero even if I discovered him at a rather strange way.
There was of course that track "Alex Chilton" on one of the greatest American indie-albums ever (that's on "Pleased to meet me" by The Replacements).
I shouted this track over and over as a 12 year kid (the album by The Replacements was one of the first serious records I ever bought), not knowing who Alex was.
It came later when I became a 4-ADfreak and saw that the track by This Mortal Coil "Holocaust" was written by one Alex Chilton.
The musicmaniac in me soon found out that Alex both was the man behind The Box Tops and Big Star.
The Box Tops, are of course, legendary known for that particular track "The letter" which made Alex a rock 'n rollstar at the age of 16, but it was on Big Star that Alex could develop himself as the genius songwriter he certainly was.
Big Star stopped around 1974 and it was only from the early 80's on that Alex became interested again in the musicscene as he got inspired (or is it the other way around?) by tiny bands like REM or The Replacements.
Alex became the hero of the powerpopgeneration.
All the American powerpopbands declared Alex as one of the few American geniuses and till today Rolling Stone counts 3 albums by Big Star in their 500 greatest albums of all time.
On 17th March Alex complained about its health and died a few years later because of a heartattack.
RIP dear Alex, I'll never forget you...see you in heaven, friend.

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