Sunday, March 14, 2010


When I was searching for some info about Marina & The Diamonds, I read again some reviews which were taking the so-called British hypemachine under attack. Hypes are needed, ladies and gentlemen, cos otherwise there would be no musicscene...unless of course you're happy that your music is heard in 50 bedrooms somewhere around this globe...then the discussion stops.
A hype was certainly wellcome for Marina & The Diamonds as during the last 6 years no one cared about her indiepop and look now...the press spread her arms around her (...almost naked body) and not only is "Family Jewels" an ultimate popalbum, it even has quality!
Of course that is when you like artists like Regina Spektor, Kate Nash or ...well, it's almost unavoidable...Florence & The Machine.
Despite the name, Marina & The Diamonds isn't a band but the project from a Welsh diva named Marina Lambrini Diamandis (she has some Greek roots too, so that's why her name is as such).
Don't expect any arty music, but pompous indiepop. It's by times so delicious poppy that you wish Lady Gaga shut up one day (she will one day) and give the torch to artists who at least can write some decent tunes.
If you reread this at the end of 2010 (I don't think you will but you never know) and you're fed up (just like I can be) cos this is played to death and you can stand her any longer, don't kill me then but now it's a nice thing to hear, and yes nice to look at too.

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