Sunday, March 7, 2010


All those who were reading our zine in paperform shall remember that we featured quite some metalacts (most of them gothmetal though) as well, that won't change now that we're on-line...
The first new talents that we presenting you are coming from Spain, from Elx to be precisely (not that I know where that is anyway...).
They're not newcomers on the DIY-scene as they're already around since the early 90's. But judging on the pictures (I don't speak any Spanish so far) it's just since the last years that they added female vocals to their sound. It's just that added female thing which gives Eternal Cry its final touch as the vocals and the mood are in the gothic-area whereas the guitars are going a sort of death metal-way.
Dark sounds, heavy guitarriffs, ethereal female vocals, doomy synths, brutal male vocals...that's a bit Eternal Cry in a nutshell.
The band recently released their self released album "In the garden of dead flowers", a tip for anyone who loves dark sounds with a heavy touch...

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