Thursday, March 11, 2010


Holland is my neighbourcountry and yet I know so little about the Dutch indiescene. I can come up with Britpoppers Moke, artrockers The Nits or the best band ever (I think that must be Clan Of Xymox) but then we're at the finishing point. And yet, there is a band like At The Close Of Every Day who recently released their 6th album.
Sometimes they're called the slowest band in Holland but that's just because they're labelled slowcore and too much compared with Low.
Anyway at the beginning of the concert the band were giving out flyers in where the public was asked too have respect for the band and keep quiet. It might be arrogant (well they ask it in a gentle way) but they're right as I'm so bored with dickheads who think it's necessary to start talking about their life during concerts. If you're at a concert, you have to watch the band.
But they didn't need the flyers as from the start this trio could convince the audience with a timid indiepop that had many echoes from 80's guitarwavebands, at the times you had the feeling Robin Guthrie was on stage...cuz what excellent guitarchords these guys can create!
Eighties-influenced they surely are as they played two covers, one from The Church ("Under the milky way") and one from Doe Maar, the most popular band Holland ever had.
At the close of every day played in both English and Dutch and it's one of those little surprises, one of those bands you're not sure from to go to but it ends up in those feelings that make you happy you saw them...
Another day, another great concert and another thums up for organisator Video. Thank you!

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  1. Thanx for the kind words!

    I'd like to comment that those flyers were handed out by the bar (which was great!).

    As a band we hope that people keep their voices down, but we we would never ask for that in such a way.

    Thanx again and all the best!
    Viva la video!