Sunday, March 28, 2010


And now something from my area, that's East Flanders, Belgium in case some of you wouldn't know it already.
Masda are a duo and they play music that once was be labelled as post-rock.
I like post-rock a lot but it became literally the scene that killed itself.
You didn't have to wait for the new Mogwai as every town on this planet had their own Mogwai, and we aren't even mentioning those boring bands who think it's okay by penning down just some instrumental Steely Dan-songs.
Just to tell you that if I get a post-rockrelease in my hands that I'm rather suspicious about it.
With Masda this is not the case. The influences are obviously there and you can be sure that without a Tortoise or Slint there won't be Masda but at least this band not only have the right vibes (brilliant guitaroutbursts in ...sorry... Mogwai-style) but also songs that can be played over and over.
I mean this is a band who has something to offer, they write songs and they don't wanna be a sleeping pill.
If Morc Records are reading this (I know they do) well...they know the drill.

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