Monday, March 1, 2010


When Steven Ansell and Laura-Mary Carter aka Blood Red Shoes released their debut "Box Of Secrets" two years ago they suddenly were seen as the British answer to The White Stripes. Of course this comparison was only made by lazy journalists who compare every duo to The White Stripes just because they have nothing else in mind. Their music was raw (and okay, just like The White Stripes there was no bass around) but I never could see the link anyway.
Two years later and this Brighton-duo are coming up with their second child. Already from the opener "Don't ask" you feel that they want a more clean and poppier sound and really, it's not that far away from what once Garbage did.
That's actually what you get here, a nice collection of clean indiepopsongs that never works on your nerves but it's just that clean thing which is too much.
It doesn't make it a bad album though as Blood Red Shoes obtained their own identity (in other words they don't want to sound like the average American noiseband.). Perhaps they were looking for some airplay who knows...Blood Red Shoes on the radio? Yeah, that'd be actually great not that I ever will hear it as this poor boy doesn't have a radio (and he will never have one anyway!!!)

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