Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The unsigned flavour of the day comes from Oklahoma this time. Don't know much about her, just saw her My Space-page but one view with the eye says enough that this woman takes every opportunity to play, as it looks like Cady is every on day on stage.
Anyway, as she can be seen in the areas of Texas it doesn't make any sense for me but at least we can listen to her music at home.
Why do I think Cady is so good? Well, it's the voice....
She makes fragile singer-songwriter indiepop that has the intelligence of say Suzanne Vega, but her delicate voice reminded me so much of Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays that I had to check out if it wasn't Harriet's solo-album by accident.
You know I'm joking, this is Cady Groves.
A woman who has something to say, something to deliver and she's a proof that not everyone is listening to stupid country in Oklahoma, not that I ever thought this....
Someone to follow I guess.

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