Sunday, March 21, 2010


Click on Google the word "Munch" and you can have like thousand results that refer to Edward Munch, the famous painter from "The Cry".
Click twice the word Munch (so that's Munch Munch) and you are directed to a band from Bristol.
Munch Munch are the living proof that blogs matter. When having one of their early songs featured on the quite well known blog "20 Jazz Funk Greats", Jan from the Tomlab-label got in touch and it ended up in signing them.
What once started as a joke (if you believe their biog, they began their career with their versions from Lighthouse Family-songs) is now a wonderful collection of adventurous noises.
Perhaps the band never heard from them (which is mostly like that!) but to me they sounded like the missing link between Einsturzende Neubauten and Deutsch Nepal.
Anyway, you are old enough (at least I think so) to check it out yourselves, so do it, unless you're a die-hard fan from the Lighthouse Family but then you're reading a wrong blog anyway...

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