Sunday, March 21, 2010


There is a band in this universe who decided to call themselves Hazel Nuts Chocolate. Close your eyes, think and after a couple of seconds you know that such a band's name only can come from Japan!
So here's the Japanese indiepopsensation Hazel Nuts Chocolate! If they ever will conquer some European ground is a question for the future, and a bit far away from now as till today they're still small in hometown Japan doing everything on the DIY-label White Lily Records.
But having said that, who would have thought that in the 90's a band like Shonen Knife would have been famous.
And the music? Well, it's Japanese so that already indicates that you're dealing with healthy insanity and I might speak 5 languages (how great I am, me) but something like "Koi wa kyurukyuru" or "Boushi to watashi" stays...well umm, Japanese to me.
Musically they're a bit like Pizzacatto Five but I guess every European would say this because it's the only Japanese band they know of...well now you know Hazel Nuts Chocolate.

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