Friday, March 19, 2010


If you mention a band with a name like Monster Movie you tend to think of something brutal, something like Dwarves or Foetus or whatever ...but Monster Movie are nothing like that.
In fact, dear children, Monster Movie, is a band (they exist for 20 years so nothing new here) which is fronted by one Christian Savill, who used to be in an other galaxy a member from Slowdive.
We all know what happened with them…first there was Mojave 3 and later you got the solo-albums by both Rachel and Neil. How great all these releases might be, apart from the vocals there’s nothing left from that Slowdive-sound.
Monster Movie are not the new Slowdive, absolutely not, but at least it’s a retour to the dreampopscene.
Perhaps first a bit of Sarahpop-history for you.
In the late 80’s both Christian Savill and Sean Hewson decided to form a band called The Geeks. The Geeks later became Eternal who had a release on Sarah Records. As Christian was so keen on joining Slowdive (who wouldn’t?), Eternal
disappeared out of sight.
Ten years later, the duo came back together and had their first album out called “Last night something happened” under the name of Monster Movie.
Another ten years later and they’re back with an other album named “Everyone is a ghost” released on the tiny American indielabel Graveface.
Monster Movie pretend to be making Krautrock, something like Can. This makes me smile, basically because I think it’s an insane thing to say (if Monster Movie are making Krautrock then almost my entire record collection is Krautrock!) but having that said, I see something like David Bowie’s “Low” coming up, enriched with…yes, that was the word…shoegazingguitars!
You see, the world has to live with all these pigeonholing terms but in all honesty if you hear tracks by Monster Movie it’s like you’ve been tracked back in time where the young likes of Slowdive were overwhelming you with godlike songs like “Catch the breeze”.
I know it might not to be fair to say that, but at least back then the music was gracious!
Anyway, everyone has their own idea how Monster Movie sounds like, the most important thing though is that everyone agrees it’s actually great!
All I know is that Monster Movie are like the keykeepers from a gate that hosts genius pop.
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  1. i thought i recognized rachel goldstar on that picture, and the bands myspace says i'm right :-)
    you might like her band as well:

  2. Thanks Wim, I knew it was her but she was unknown to me to be honest....

  3. i got to know her via eau claire, a collaboration with jessica bailiff. and last year, she performed with all in the golden afternoon in Namur - really nice show, imho, hope they'll return in the not too distant future.