Monday, March 22, 2010


Where are the times we were watching our 120 Minutes on MTV? Where are the times at where we were waiting to see Paul King or Miles Hunt coming up with the next alternative selection of the week?
Today, MTV turned out in a bunch of dreadful shows. Thing is, I don't wanna be sounding like your grandpa (even if I'm afraid that I am) but when we're young we had music on MTV and not the ass of Paris Hilton.
And where are the times that we saw that DIY-clip from "Liar" by The Charlottes?
Anyone remember? Well, in case not you better jump to You Tube or so because The Charlottes where a band that got formed in 1998 and they had the right C86-spirit!
How short their debutalbum "Lovehappy" might have been, it was not only a John Peel-favourite but it also made every indiekid happy who threw his arms around "George Best" by The Wedding Present.
It was called indie these days and it sounded like indie!!! They did another album called "Things come apart" but three years later Simon Scott already decided to join Slowdive and The Charlottes were dead dead history that even today no one cares...
Forgotten music? What a shame my blog has such a section!

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