Monday, March 29, 2010


If a band have a song named "Albatross" then you're thinking of Fleetwood Mac, you are even thinking of psychedelic 70's rock. And yes, that's what these four Canadians are but they do it a only bit different.
In fact even very different as you best can describe them as hippies who are not afraid to add some shoegazing sounds to their music!
It all started some years ago when Jace Lasek decided to form along with his wife Olga Goreas (they are a 4-pieceband now) a band.
As they wanted to obtain the raw psychedelic sound from Led Zeppelin they built with all kind of old equipments their own studio, Breakglass Studios.
In homecountry Canada they're already what you could call a household name and on their 2nd release they even were joint by the likes of Godspeed You Black Emperor!
"The Besnard Lakes are roaring the night" is their 3rd album and also the one which brings them to the European continent (in fact by the time you're reading this, they could be playing somewhere around you!).
Already from opener "The Ocean", it's clear that this Montreal-based band haven't chosen for the lightest sound around.
Heavy drones and psychedelic guitars are warning you that this will be an album that demands a part of your soul.
Their great music reminds you of psychedelic rockdrones like Loop but at times when it's all too heavy (not the music, the mood you know) you have a track like "The glass printer" that sounds quite a lot like Cocteau Twins and that because of the shoegazing guitars and the ethereal voices from Olga.
Their album is released on the Canadian indie-label Jagjaguwar that already brought us stuff from acts like Lightning Dust or Bon Iver.
"The Besnard Lakes are roaring the night" has become the first fine psychedelic album of this spring. Contender for the endlist of 2010 nontheless!

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