Monday, March 1, 2010


Sorry dear readers, but are you ready for another shoegazingband? I am aware of the fact that this fanzine is becoming to looks like a shoegazefanzine (which it's not, we cover everything) but it's not my fault that suddenly all bands around this globe have decide to sound like Slowdive!
With Afraid Of Stars, who are from Gothenburg-Sweden, it's not different.
They sound like that Slowdive-lp you never heard, and they don't even hide it that they're influenced by 90's dreampop (they call it a mixture from Dinosaur Jnr and My Bloody Valentine).
Soft vocals, a wall of sound created by loud guitars, haunting melodies and at the end of the day you know that all words are in vain as this is just classic shoegazing.
On their website I saw a new interesting term to define the new school of shoegazers : nu-gaze. Nice term, but most important : nice music!!!

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