Saturday, March 13, 2010


I love Edinburgh, me. In fact it's quite strange as I've never been there but musicwise I whistle from time to time "Edinburgh Man" by The Fall and we all know that the Scottish indiescene is one to lick your fingers from.
New to add on that incredible list are Cancel The Astronauts.
They love you, or I guess they wanna be loved, but thing is that their latest EP is free on the net, totally free.
"I am the president of your fanclub" is a five song EP which is intelligent indiepop (whatever that might be) that sounds quite similar to the genius sounds of Hefner. If you add the directness from The Yummy Fur and some lost 80's synth to that, you have something excellent.
But why write all this? Why waste you time on words that describe a free download? Click and you shall see...

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